Demo Exam - Chemistry

Read each question carefully and choose an answer
Exam Title: Demo - Chemistry   Student Number: 1111    Exam Time: 10 minutes


  • All questions are compulsory.
  • Each question is followed by four alternatives. Select one of the answer which you consider the most appropriate and click on that choice.
  • Use of calculator /logarithm table is not permissible.
  • This is just a practice for self assessment of the student enabling him/her to enhance preparation for the actual exam.
  • The Online Timer, graphs and some other options are not available in the DEMO version.


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At 100 degrees centrigrade the vapour pressure of a solution of 6.5 g of a solute in 100 g water is 732 mm. If Kb = 0.52, the boiling point of this solution will be:


Solubility of which among the following substances in water increases slightly with rise in temperature?


A gas deviates from ideal behaviour at a high pressure because its molecules


The oxide of a metal contains 40% of oxygen. The valency of metal is 2. What is the atomic weight of the metal?

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