Demo Exam - Maths

Read each question carefully and choose an answer
Exam Title: Demo - Maths   Student Number: 1111    Exam Time: 10 minutes


  • All questions are compulsory.
  • Each question is followed by four alternatives. Select one of the answer which you consider the most appropriate and click on that choice.
  • Use of calculator /logarithm table is not permissible.
  • This is just a practice for self assessment of the student enabling him/her to enhance preparation for the actual exam.
  • The Online Timer, graphs and some other options are not available in the DEMO version.


Note: Although all due care has been taken to ensure 100% correctness. However, the website is not responsible for any inadvertent mistakes that might have occurred.


Suppose AB is a chord of the parabola y2 = 4ax with vertex at A. BC is drawn perpendicular to AB meeting the axis at C. The projection of BC on the axis of the parabola is


The eccentricity of the conic represented by x2 - y2 - 4x + 4y + 16 = 0


Eight chair are numbered 1 to 8. Two women and three men are wish to occupy one chair each. First the women choose chairs from amongst the chairs marked 1 to 4; and the men select from amongst the remaining. The number of possible arrangement is


Two finite sets have m and n elements. The number of subsets of the first set is 112 more than that of second set. The values of m and n are:

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